Free Photo Shoot

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with FX Photography with their unique offer ‘FREE ENGAGEMENT (pre-wedding) PHOTO SHOOT. To find out more about the engagement photo shoot visit FX Photography’s website

Aladdin Gulec who owns FX Photography is an experienced full time professional wedding photographer based in Devon. He explained that wedding industry in becoming crowded with several unprofessional bodies, particularly in wedding photography. Several couples have been disappointed with the results due to lack of knowledge, skills and experience.

To give the assurance to wedding couples need, Aladdin has come up with this great idea, ‘ give them a free Engagement Shoot on a location they prefer, let them see the results and how I work with people. And let them decide if FX Photography is the right choice for their special day, which will not be repeated; there is no RE-TAKE opportunity.

We like Aladdin’s idea very much and agree that wedding services are getting lower in quality because of unprofessional approach of several providers. To back him up with this idea, we agreed that we are prepared to take the couple to the location where Engagement Shoot will take place so they can also see and feel ‘how fantastic’ to ride in our Black Betty, a 1965 VW Canterbury Pitt Moto-Camper Van. You can find out more about our adorable vehicle which is available for wedding hire in Devon – CLICK HERE



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